Diana Shipping Inc.’s Board of Directors has established Executive, Audit, Compensation, Nominating and Sustainability Committees each comprised by the following persons:
Name Title Class Term Expiration Executive Committee Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating Committee Sustainability Committee
Simeon Palios Director and Chairman of the Board I 2024          
Semiramis Paliou Director and Chief
Executive Officer 
III 2023 Chairperson      
Anastasios Margaronis Director and President I 2024        
Ioannis Zafirakis Director, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Treasurer and Secretary I 2024        
William Lawes Director II 2022   Chairperson      
Konstantinos Psaltis Director II 2022     Chairperson  
Kyriacos Riris Director II 2022        
Apostolos Kontoyannis Director III 2023   Chairperson   Chairperson
Konstantinos Fotiadis Director III 2023          
Eleftherios Papatrifon* Chief Operating

*Mr. Eleftherios Papatrifon participates on a non-voting basis in the Executive Committee.
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